Friday, 6 June 2014

San Diego Private Money Loans – Good Rates and Highly Reputable

Looking for a credible private money loan provider in San Diego?

Here at CAHardMoneyNow, your search comes to a happy end! We can provide you access to real estate hard money in San Diego.

For competitive rates, flexible underwriting, transparent payment processing and quick turnaround, look no further than CAHardMoneyNow in San Diego.

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San Diego Private Money Loans

We extend all financial assistance you may need for various projects such as:
•    Fix & Flips
•    Non owner occupied homes
•    Commercial/Multi-Family Properties
•    Industrial and Commercial
•    Retail and mixed use

Transparent Processes
It’s our transparent hard money lending process that has made us a popular choice for short term access to funds in San Diego and several other cities in the region.

Since we specialize in hard money loans and have not diluted out attention elsewhere for quick financial gains, you can be assured that you’ll be working with a local lender based in San Diego who has proven processes and specialized knowledge for originating the best possible private money loan.
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