Friday, 6 June 2014

San Diego Private Money Loans – Good Rates and Highly Reputable

Looking for a credible private money loan provider in San Diego?

Here at CAHardMoneyNow, your search comes to a happy end! We can provide you access to real estate hard money in San Diego.

For competitive rates, flexible underwriting, transparent payment processing and quick turnaround, look no further than CAHardMoneyNow in San Diego.

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San Diego Private Money Loans

We extend all financial assistance you may need for various projects such as:
•    Fix & Flips
•    Non owner occupied homes
•    Commercial/Multi-Family Properties
•    Industrial and Commercial
•    Retail and mixed use

Transparent Processes
It’s our transparent hard money lending process that has made us a popular choice for short term access to funds in San Diego and several other cities in the region.

Since we specialize in hard money loans and have not diluted out attention elsewhere for quick financial gains, you can be assured that you’ll be working with a local lender based in San Diego who has proven processes and specialized knowledge for originating the best possible private money loan.
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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Looking for a Trusted San Diego Hard Money Lender?

Have you been unable to get traditional financing work for you? Are you in immediate need of funds for a real estate project?

Don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

CAHardMoneyNow can meet all of your varied San Diego hard money needs.

Talk to one of our hard money loan experts at 619-987-8639 if you’d like to know what we can do for you!

Unlike Others, We Educate You on the Subject

Even if you are a first time investor and know little about San Diego private money loans, we can usually tell you if you qualify right on the phone.

You can ask questions on anything from the painless San Diego hard money lending process to interest rates to terms and fees from our experts.

A Trusted, Licensed and Reliable Money Lending Company You Can Trust

While our competitive private money loan rates and fees are appreciated by most of our clients in San Diego, it’s our customer service that makes us a favorite among many real estate investors in the region.

We will not promise San Diego hard money loans with ridiculous claims that are simply impossible to deliver.  We tell it like it is as so you can make an informed hard money loan decision.

We like to explain all terms in advance and let you make an informed decision on whether you should choose CAHardMoneyNow or not.

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Hard Money Lending Specialists in Los Angeles

We lend hard money in Los Angeles. Do you need funds for a real estate project?

We lend out capital at flexible terms & highly competitive prices while keeping the entire process completely transparent so that investors like you can carry on with your real estate deals without having to worry about funds.

If you need access to short term funds (6 to 24 months, for example), call us at 619-987-8639

Tell us about your requirements for about hard money loans (if any) about our Los Angeles Hard money loans to an expert.

What Makes CAHardMoneyNow a Popular Choice in LA?

Among hundreds of hard money money lending companies operating in and around LA, we hold the distinction of offering some of the most competitive interest rates and flexible hard money loan terms.

Most people come to us through referrals when searching for real estate hard money in Los Angeles.

Its positive word-of-mouth about our Los Angeles private money loans, quick & reliable customer service and well-defined processes that make us a popular choice for hard money loans in Los Angeles.

We Have Custom Packages, Just For

Unlike traditional financing options, we’ve plenty of hard money loan packages for you to choose from.

Even if you’re looking for a completely custom Los Angeles hard money loan, run your scenario by us

Contact Us Today for Hard Money Loans in LA

Talk to a LA hard money specialist at 714-681-2407 today.

You can also contact us at and we will get back to you immediately.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Looking for CAHard Money Lender in San Diego?

Welcome to CAHardMoneyNow!

Your search for a credible hard money lender in San Diego area comes to a satisfactory end here!

Call 619-987-8639 if you’d like to know about our San Diego hard money loans.
Each year we provide millions of funds in the form of hard money loans to first time as well as seasoned real estate investors all across the state of California.

We function less as a loan company and more as a group that’s interested in helping you achieve greater returns. That’s precisely the reason why we’re counted among the best hard money loan lenders in the region.

Experienced Loan Company – You Can Bank on Us

As an experienced loan company familiar with all aspects of origination, investor relations and servicing, CAHardMoneyNow is here to serve you to your full satisfaction.

We do not provide a dozen different types of loans. No, we don’t do that.

We specialize in few verticals and do that part really well. That’s what makes us a preferred choice for people on the lookout for San Diego hard money options.

Transparent Processes – You Can Trust Us

One of the key reasons why we’ve been able to win the trust of those who work with us in San Diego is that we’ve ensured completely transparent transactions and data handling when it comes to San Diego hard money related matters.

We provide all San Diego hard money loan guidelines rates’ right in the beginning and strictly avoid infamous strategies like ‘bait and switch.’

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Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Best Commercial Hard Money Loans in LA

Are you searching for a short term private money loan in Los Angeles for business growth or real estate investments?You’ve just landed on the right page!

We’re CAHardMoneyNow – a well-established provider of commercial hard money loans and various other private money loans in Los Angeles.

We’re an experienced company, have completely transparent work processes and are licensed.

Call619-987-8639 and talk to one of our experts if you’d like to know about Los Angeles hard money loans.

Why CAHardMoneyNow for Private Money Loans in LA?

•    We’ve enough capital to concurrently back a multitude of short term LA hard money loans.
•    We’ve a rich investor profile second to none.
•    All private money loan requests are processed rapidly; you don’t have to keep waiting endlessly.
•    We’ve a proven track record in the local hard money lending industry; each year, we process hundreds of Los Angeles hard money loans.
•    We do not try to keep you guessing on your loan; we usually can tell you right away whether we can be of any assistance or not.

Get in Touch!

Call our help desk at 619-987-8639 to talk to an expert to know about Los Angeles hard money loans today!

You can also drop us an email at or fill up the online contact form. We will get back to you immediately.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Unconventional Finance For California Hard Money Loans

If you are one amongst those, seeking for California hard money residential loans, then be advised that time is of great essence. One of the major reasons that people look forward to this sort of unconventional finance option is that the process and other requirements of banks simply take too long to get the things done. Also, often it is just impossible to meet the strict criteria that these lending institutions impose. One most important factor is a fact that hard money loans for bad credit will always do the trick.

California hard money loans for real estate are ones that are used to purchase property or simply renovate the existing asset.The amount available for money loan varies greatly depending upon the lender. Usually, it has to be a calculated percentage of appraised value. Typically, the commercial banks require you to have around 20% of purchase price. On the contrary, private lenders are able to finance the total sum at a fairly low closing cost.

You can use the money loan to build residence, repair, expand or simply for an up-gradation. So, if you don’t want to face the strict rules, and actually want to avoid a waiting time that can go beyond years, choose hard money loans.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

San Diego Private Money Loans

Private lending is the best alternate to conventional loans that you may apply for at one of the local banks or a Mortgage Company. These sort of loans are also termed as Hard Money loan. San Diego private money loans are awesome in that they are short-term; ranging from simply 3 months to just 3 years. They are even great in having a quick approval timeline and provide a handsome loan to value rate. San Diego private money loans are great option for all purpose. Be it a residential or commercial need, or simply a land investment purchase, you can always expect a fast turnaround.

Amongst numerous benefits that hard money loans carry with them, one of the major benefit is that your credit score or history is virtually irrelevant in these cases. As, the loan is offered by a private investor, who is less interested in credit history but more in the value of property.

Although, tons of loans are available for the real-estate investors, but hard money loan can turn-out to be the best. If used in a right ways, it can definitely bring a good value in your pocket right-away. In short, private money loans can make the things happen when a normal bank or company is not ready to give you another chance.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Get Private Hard Money Loans Easily

Hard Money Loan
The Los Angeles private money loans are dominating every other option available these days. People are now observed relatively more interested to participate in this sort of money market for the home loans and commercial loans as well. A few recent changes in the law governing this particular sector has really helped in regulating the interest rate of the brokers.

Los Angeles private money loans has put an end to the gouging rules of banks and corporates. Market competition is therefore on a high rise, because the average borrow is now well aware of the best available hard money loans.

Nowadays, hard money loans market is a key source for hundreds and thousands of people who want to improve their financial status, but couldn’t make it done due to bad credit history. The basic advantage associated with hard money loans is the speedy process. This is why the people looking forward to a quick renovation, clearing old debits or investment is real estate can opt for hard money loans. It provides an ease of repayment by adjusting pay-back program based on needs of borrower. This is what makes it stand out of the crowd and especially from the traditional mortgage business.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Los Angeles Commercial And Private Money Loans

Hard Money Loans
Whenever a person is in need of substantial amount of money, he may look at one of the two established options. These options are apart from friends or family members that may be of help. One of these options is a conventional type and that includes lending money from a bank or any other financial institution; whereas, other option is private money loan. This loan is offered by private business party to help those in need of funds either to launch a new one or expand the existing business.

Los Angeles hard money loans are quite indifferent from the conventional loan types that require you to adhere to the regulations, provide complete credit history and details of assets. The conventional types of loans take much time to make the things done.

On the other hand, Los Angeles hard money loan that are otherwise named as Los Angeles private money loans or simply a commercial loan, offers a fast and convenient cash-in-hand solution. It carries a relatively shorter payback time with specific interest rate.

You can expect to get Los Angeles private money loans processed in a matter of single day and you may receive the funding in around 10 days. All you need to do prior to considering the type of loan is to determine the payback term that is best suited. This will help you to avoid any financial stress and/or damage from aggressive terms. Get to know the things well ahead of time and make a right choice.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Advantages of California Hard Money Loan

Hard Money Loan
Hard money loan is specially meant for a unique and more than oftenfor a distressed situation. It generally serves as a bridge to allow borrower buying/selling the property in compliance with the conventional financing guideline. It provides a short-term solution and best used for almost all types of the real estate.

California Hard money loans are least dependent on the credit score; in fact, these mainly revolve around the assets. It is something that comes from the private investors who takes time to assess the entire scenario on borrower's end.

As a matter of fact, only few people understand the process of hard money lending from either perspective; lender or borrower. California hard money loans present an opportunity for the investors and borrowers the same.

This opportunity is attractive due to several reasons:

-  You are not posed to the stringent standards that are otherwise imposed by the banks
- These are less influenced by the poor credit scores
- You don’t need to worry about the documents and their acceptance
- These are best option to bridge the gap; till you get any other financing
- The top most advantage is that California hard money loans are faster as compared to traditional loans