Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Hard Money Lending Specialists in Los Angeles

We lend hard money in Los Angeles. Do you need funds for a real estate project?

We lend out capital at flexible terms & highly competitive prices while keeping the entire process completely transparent so that investors like you can carry on with your real estate deals without having to worry about funds.

If you need access to short term funds (6 to 24 months, for example), call us at 619-987-8639

Tell us about your requirements for about hard money loans (if any) about our Los Angeles Hard money loans to an expert.

What Makes CAHardMoneyNow a Popular Choice in LA?

Among hundreds of hard money money lending companies operating in and around LA, we hold the distinction of offering some of the most competitive interest rates and flexible hard money loan terms.

Most people come to us through referrals when searching for real estate hard money in Los Angeles.

Its positive word-of-mouth about our Los Angeles private money loans, quick & reliable customer service and well-defined processes that make us a popular choice for hard money loans in Los Angeles.

We Have Custom Packages, Just For

Unlike traditional financing options, we’ve plenty of hard money loan packages for you to choose from.

Even if you’re looking for a completely custom Los Angeles hard money loan, run your scenario by us

Contact Us Today for Hard Money Loans in LA

Talk to a LA hard money specialist at 714-681-2407 today.

You can also contact us at info@cahardmoneynow.com and we will get back to you immediately.

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